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Weeknotes: 2024.01.08-2024.01.14

Weeknotes: 2023.12.31-2024.01.07

Human Consensus Algorithms

Maintaining a Personal Internet Archive

My Reading Log

Things I read while a puppy nipped at my toes


Robustness principle in all things

I Choose This

Architecture for Sheltering in Place

Factoria Will Destroy Me

Americans Goofing Off

House Flies, Cardboard, and High-Precision Science

Hanging out with Thoreau

The Tools at Our Disposal

Bearable Barely

Basic Saturday

Rules for Twitter: Psionic Shielding

Bike Commuting Trial Run

Sunrise Over the Context for a Pause

Using Sunk Costs for Good (Why I Became A Roam Believer)

Specialization (It's a Trap!)

The energy to read generously

Clearing the energy threshold to be playful

False Dichotomies Are False

Commitment to Shared Systems


All Our Operations

No Planet B

My Anxiety Management Regimen

Rejecting Self-Interference While Reading

Closing out Vol. 24 (buy a fucking notebook)

Turning Thirty-Eight

Weather Report

The Best Fiction I Read in 2019

Rooks Ahead

The Wind Mandering

The cure for the disease called thinking

On Style and Social Openings

The Doodle Revolution, by Sunni Brown

Relearning to Be Lost

Chaos Engineering for Personal Productivity

Good Links On Software Team Culture

Grow as a software developer by looking beyond code

Readings: 2 Jun 2019

Readings: 26 May 2019

Developing an editorial process

Aspiration and Akrasia

Sufficient and Useful Danger

The motion is the thinking

Ship every sprint as though it were your last

Only foolish choices

The Reply All Protocol

The Best Books I Read in 2018

Readings: 7 Jan 2019

Atomic Habits book club

A Monastery is a Commitment Contract

Readings: 6 Jun 2018

Indexing two years of notebooks

Readings: 22 Mar 2017

The Robots Will Find You

Five Thirty Eight: All Politics is National

My Codex Vitae: Activities & Their Ends

My Codex Vitae: Beliefs

Readings: 2 Oct 2016

Building the Binomial Distribution From Scratch

Vermont Code Camp 2016

Event Source Yourself a Hash Map

On Centaurs

Readings: 20 Aug 2016

Readings: 18 Aug 2016

Readings: 13 Aug 2016

Readings: 30 Jul 2016

Readings: 21 Jul 2016

Readings: 15 Jul 2016

Exploring Conway's Game of Life

Readings: 1 Jul 2016

Readings: 24 Jun 2016

Readings: 17 Jun 2016

Readings: 10 Jun 2016

Review: Anger and Forgiveness

Readings: 27 May 2016

Readings: 19 May 2016

Readings: 3 May 2016

Readings: 24 Apr 2016

Readings: 18 Apr 2016

The Varieties of Door-Opening Experience

Readings: 3 Apr 2016

Readings: 29 Mar 2016

Readings: 21 Mar 2016

Readings: 12 Mar 2016

Implementing a Slow Response Meter With Dropwizard

Readings: 28 Feb 2016

Readings: 15 Feb 2016

Buddhism As I Understand It

How to Build a Low-tech Internet

2015 in Review

A Human-Friendly System for Using Evernote

Readings: 14 Nov 2015

Manuel DeLanda's Philosophical Chemistry

iOS Dictation Versus Children's Books

The Gentle Art of Enterprise Code Review

On Discovering a Reluctance Towards Technology