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iOS Dictation Versus Children's Books

Here’s a machine-generated oddity to start the day: Little Blue Trick filtered through iOS 8 voice dictation.

Little blue truck him down the road
deep set blue to a big green toad
toad said winter
but little blue truck went rolling by
sheep Seppa cow said moo
poinsettia 80 beep said blue
clock set a chicken and a chick said he
Mussetta go to blue
hockey all the dump
truck coming through a big important things to do
I haven’t got time to pass the day
with every duck along the way
room with the dumb around the curve
you saw huddle and he tried to swerve
into the mud with a big fat truck
and his big important wheels got stuck
with heavy-duty dump truck tires
were sucked down to the Meyer
fuck pride the dump and he sounded scared
but nobody heard or nobody cared
then into the mud bump bump up
in the little blue truck to help the dumb
little blue blue pushed with all his might
not blue in the dump were both stuck tired
help help help pride the little blue truck
BBB I’m stuck I’m stuck
everyone heard that BBB
up at a gala ran the big brown horse
go jumped over the fence of course
the hen can flapping with the chick in the deck
and everybody pushed the little blue truck
had to head and rump to run
they all push blue to push the done
they couldn’t quite budget that heavy load
and who popped up but the big green towed
all together 123
one last push and the trucks for free
thanks little brother set the dump the blue
you helped me and they help to you
now I see a lot depends
on a helping hand from a few good friends
beeps and blue who wants a ride
everybody scrambling to jump inside