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Basic Saturday

Nadia Eghbal on being basic as a virtue:

And I like engaging with ideas, too. I’ve just come to see it more as work than leisure. So instead, my coping mechanism has been to aggressively seek the anti-intellectual: to embrace the basic in my life.

Ordinarily, Saturday is a day when I put a lot of energy into denser, more philosophical reading and try to do some writing while I am free of the crush of meetings during the week. But I slept in, it’s been rainy and the kids have needed to be entertained, and I’m riding an upward wave of allergies again.

So the backlog of reading notes to distill, outlines to fiddle with, etc. can wait. Today is a day for long gazes and smiles with the toddler and giving in to watching a silly kid’s movie with the seven year old.